LED basierte Leuchten für die Medizin

ASELight 160 – The new standard

The ASELight 160 is setting a new standard in operating theatre lights. The compact design of the ASELight 160 is not only visually elegant, but also offers effortless handling and makes no compromises on hygiene. The surfaces of the lamp are gloss coated and absolutely homogeneous. The technical characteristics of the ASELight 160 also meet all the user's needs. Light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted separately, and all at a Color Rendering Index of >97. Like the rest of the light, the optional built-in full HD camera can be controlled using an external control unit. The external control unit is available as desk housing incl. wall mount or as installation housing.

The ASELight 160 operating light. The new standard.


ASELight 120 – The compact operation light

The operation light ASELight 120 is outstanding due to a compact housing and simultaneously high light output, as well as flexibility when choosing the colour temperature. The elegant design, use of the latest LED technology and control of the light output by means of touchless sensor are just a few of the features. For uncompromising hygiene the housing has been finished with gloss-coated and homogeneous surfaces from the highest quality materials, whilst a detachable, sterilisable handle is also used. The entire light can be controlled via an external control unit. The external control unit is available as desk housing incl. wall mount or as installation housing.

The ASELight 120. Setting new standards.


ASELight 70 – The perfect lighting technology

The ASELight 70 operating and examination light is lighting technology at its very best. Impressive lighting levels and an ingenious design make it the perfect partner for surgical procedures and examinations with demanding lighting requirements. The gloss coated, completely homogeneous surfaces mean that this extremely compact lighting unit is not only visually eye-catching but also a hygiene-friendly functional tool that is easy to use.

The ASELight 70, lighting technology at its best.


ASELight 35 – Sheer flexibility

The technically advanced thermal management system from the Asetronics means that the elegant ASELight 35 - like all the other lights in the ASELight series - comes without any disruptive or unhygienic ventilation slots! Despite its small size, the smallest member of the ASELight series provides impressive photometric peak values without compromising on handling or hygiene. The applications in which the ASELight 35 can be used are almost limitless, thanks to its performance, flexible handling and numerous installation variants.

The ASELight 35. Pure flexibility.